Navigating the health care system and overseeing care for a loved one can be a tremendous responsibility, demanding HUGE amounts of time and energy from family members who already have full lives.

As an Independent Complete Patient Advocate, I eliminate the chaos and confusion that most families experience navigating the maze of our healthcare system.

Hiring an Independent Patient Advocate ensures that your loved one gets the highest quality care possible.

Marie Connolly, founder of Guiding Light Patient Advocacy in Aurora Colorado, is among the first Patient Advocates in the country to be awarded the credential of Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA) from the Patient Advocate Certification Board. As the demand for patient advocates continues to rise, so does the need for a national certification that sets the standard for knowledge and professionalism in the field.

To obtain the BCPA designation, Patient Advocates must pass a rigorous exam created by the Patient Advocate Certification Board and administered by the Professional Testing Corporation. BCPA certification provides families seeking to hire a Patient Advocate with a way to identify those professionals with a proven record of expertise across the entire spectrum of the healthcare system.

"A national certification program through such a reputable organization will significantly raise the quality of care for patients, and I'm tremendously proud to be among the first to have received it. I hope to use my designation as one of the first Board Certified Patient Advocates in the country to educate patients and their families about how important it is for every patient to have an advocate." ~ Marie Connolly, BCPA

As one of the first to obtain national certification, Marie is setting the standard in Colorado for Patient Advocates to proving the ability to advocate for the best interest of patients within the complexity of the health care system, resolve issues related to both the medical and administrative pillars of healthcare, and ensure that patients get the best care for the lowest out-of-pocket cost.

The non-profit PACB was established in 2012 to set forth ethical standards, professional competencies and best practices for professionals who work as Patient Advocates.

Patient Advocates now have this exam as one vehicle to demonstrate their knowledge and professionalism by achieving a credential distinct to this practice. To make it easier for families seeking a Certified Patient Advocate, professionals who earn the BCPA credential by passing the exam will be listed on the PACB website.

About Guiding Light, LLC: Founded by Marie Connolly, Guiding Light Patient Advocacy works on behalf of patients and their families to navigate the entire spectrum of the healthcare system. Independent Patient Advocacy assures that I only have an interest in my patient.

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