Navigating the health care system and overseeing care for a loved one can be a tremendous responsibility, demanding HUGE amounts of time and energy from family members who already have full lives.

As an Independent Complete Patient Advocate, I eliminate the chaos and confusion that most families experience navigating the maze of our healthcare system.

Hiring an Independent Patient Advocate ensures that your loved one gets the highest quality care possible.

  • It means being able to just love and support your loved one without having to shoulder the responsibility of monitoring their every need.
  • It means greatly reducing out-of-pocket medical costs.
  • It means freedom from paperwork, patient monitoring, insurance hassles, and research of treatment options.
  • It means that family members, saddled with the responsibility of managing doctors, medications, insurance claims, treatment options, etc., get their life back.
  • It means peace of mind.

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If you are currently dealing with a loved one who needs ongoing care, hiring an Independent Patient Advocate can help you:

  • Explore treatment options so patients and their families can make well-informed decisions about care.
  • Deal with paperwork and negotiate with insurance companies to ensure you get the highest benefit for the lowest out of pocket expense.
  • Monitor whether the patient is taking medications properly and minimize the risk of conflicting treatment options and medications.
  • Coordinate medical care (including home care), appointments and transportation for the patient.
  • Ensure clear communication among health care providers, insurers and the patient and family.
  • Deal with difficult issues such as whether the patient should be driving and whether they need additional care and supervision.
  • Be certain that your loved one is taken care of; they have nutritious food in their kitchens, are taking the right medications in the right dosages at the right time, are getting the care they need and are getting where they need to go when they need to get there.

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