"I am only committed to the patient’s best interests. The only interest I have is the patient." –Marie Connolly

Marie Connolly, founder of Guiding Light Patient Advocacy, is an Independent Patient Advocate who works on behalf of patients and their families to ensure the highest quality care across the entire spectrum of the healthcare system.

Drawing on her 35+ years of experience, Marie advocates for her patient’s best interests within the complexity of the health care system, resolving issues related to both the medical and administrative pillars of healthcare, and ensuring that patients get the best care for the lowest out-of-pocket cost.

Marie facilitates clear communication between the patient, the patient’s family and health care providers to ensure a clear understanding of care options, and to reduce fear, frustration and anxiety.

Attending to every detail of a patient’s health care is an awesome responsibility, requiring constant vigilance, and inside knowledge of how to manage the bureaucracy of the health care system. This is especially true during transition stages when patients are being moved to a new level of care, or when new health care professionals are introduced into the patient’s care network.

During transitions, it is entirely too common for pertinent information to be lost or overlooked, resulting in sometimes irrevocable harm to the patient!

As a Patient Advocate, I remove this burden from the shoulders of family members, allowing them to relax and know that their loved one’s best interests are being attended to.

I practice complete patient advocacy, which means that I am working 100% for the patient - not the insurance company, not the doctors, nurses and other health care providers.

As a complete patient advocate, I am concerned with my patient’s overall well being, paying attention to both medical and non-medical requirements. For every patient, I create and implement a complete patient care plan, which includes:

  • Assisting with prescription monitoring
  • Negotiating additional benefits from the insurance company
  • Facilitating clear communication between the patient, the patient’s family and health care providers
  • Monitoring nutrition requirements and other essential responsibilities such as ensuring bills are paid and errands are run

Contact me today for more information about how I can assist you. Call 303-695-0115 or email.