How do I know when my elderly relatives need help?

  • Frequent mistakes with medication or forgetting to take medications
  • Frequent falls or unexplained bruises
  • Lapses in judgment
  • Confusion / increased memory loss
  • Unreasonable fears
  • Loss of interest in social activities and social isolation
  • Anxiety, Depression, Mood changes
  • Hoarding behavior
  • Changes in personal hygiene
  • Appetite changes
  • Speech difficulties: slow, fast, or hesitation
  • Unattended bills / piles of papers and mail
  • Unsafe driving or getting lost while driving
  • Health complaints but refusing to see the doctor
  • Ability to be easily distracted
  • Inability to handle daily details
  • Exorbitant expenditures, or reluctance to spend money

Do you attend medical appointments with the client?

I do attend these appointments and act as an advocate for the client as well as a liaison for the family members, many of whom live outside of the area. This can be one of the most valuable services I offer. I help prepare for the visit by compiling a list your questions and communicate on the client and family's behalf with physicians and their staff. This is the beginning step for coordinating care.

Are your services covered by Medicare or other insurance?

Services are billed privately and generally, not covered by Medicare or supplemental health insurance. Some clients may have a long-term health policy which may cover some services. The supplemental and long-term care coverage policies will need to be reviewed to see if the service is considered covered.

How often do you check on the client?

Following the initial needs assessment, which will determine the needs I will speak with you and/or your relative to outline a particular plan of care tailored for your relative's specific needs. Fees and costs are discussed and a plan of care agreed upon. Every client is different and so, every schedule for a client varies.

Are you a home health agency?

I am not. However, I work closely with several home health agencies to coordinate home health care for clients who require the services of an aide, nursing staff, etc. I will give you a choice of several agencies with good reputations in this area.

Do you have references?

Of course. If you would like references, please let me know and I welcome the opportunity to provide you with them.

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