Guiding Light is committed to:

Complete patient advocacy

Serving patients across the entire spectrum of health care.

Marie is committed to working 100% on the patient's behalf. Marie views every patient as a whole person and is therefore concerned with her patient's complete medical and non-medical requirements.

She assists with prescription monitoring, negotiating additional benefits from insurance companies, the creation, implementation, and monitoring of patient care plans, and facilitating clear communication between the patient, the patient's family and health care providers. Marie also monitors nutrition requirements and other essential responsibilities such as ensuring bills are paid and errands are run.

Providing peace of mind to patients and their families

Reducing chaos and confusion, and ensuring patients are receiving the highest quality care.

The health care system can overwhelm even the savviest patient and their families. When most people contact Marie, they are overwhelmed and afraid. They are not getting what they need from the system and are confused about what's going on medically. They fear that they are spending too much money out of pocket on health care.

Marie removes these burdens from her client's shoulders, and gives them peace of mind. Marie maintains clear communication with her patients, her patient's families, and everyone involved in the patient's care. She handles roadblocks to care, and presents the best care options to patients and their families.


The knowledge and expertise to provide the highest quality patient care.

Currently, there is no accredited certification program for patient advocates. Therefore, in choosing a patient advocate, the level of experience is vital. Marie has more than 35 years of experience in the medical field, with the majority of that experience earned in the geriatric field.

She has excellent communication, organization and problem solving skills and is able to get along well with a variety of people. In addition, Marie deeply values her own continued education and training, staying current on healthcare reform and continuing to participate in relevant training and education opportunities that enrich her skills, knowledge and expertise.

Trust and honesty

Working on behalf of my patients 100%

Marie's only concern is in getting her patients the best care possible. She is an independent advocate, representing her patients, not an insurance company or a health care agency. She has never, and will never, accept payment for a referral. If she recommends that a client go to a certain nursing home or assisted living facility, she does not accept a return gift.

Her clients trust that every recommendation she provides is in their best interest because she is forthright and single-mindedly focused on their care.

Providing priceless value

Greatly improving the quality of life for patients and their families.

Marie improves the quality of her client's lives by saving them money, time and the headaches and anxiety of navigating through the health care system. Marie brings peace of mind to her clients and removes the burden of advocacy from their shoulders.

Patient's families are free to focus on their own lives and to simply be there for the patient. Even with the cost of her services, most patients end up saving money long term as a result of hiring Marie. She increases the level of benefits they receive and ensures they are with the right specialists and health care providers. She makes it possible for her patients and their families to relax, knowing that they are in capable, competent hands.

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